Elijah Jacobson/ Kevin Coombes

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Jacobson (real name Kevin Coombs) is a neo Nazi activist from Perth. Tubby was active in the small anti Islamic group Wanted and the Reclaim Australia rallies. He has been an active member of the United Patriots Front since its formation, attending the Richmond rally in Melbourne masked up. I thought only cowardly lefties wore masks?

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(Jacobson with Linden and Shermon at the Richmond rally)

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 1.22.22 am.png

(Eli at Reclaim)

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(Eli with Kim Vuga)

Jacobson has flogged some story about being an apostate to Islam, formally being known as Abdullah Islam, which means he has the right to hate all Muslims. He travelled to both Melbourne and Sydney for the 18th & 19th of July Reclaim Australia rallies. He has since risen to become number two in the Perth UPF’s chapter under the neo-Nazi lunatic Dennis Huts.

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Jacobson appears to be more than just a backroom UPF thug. He seems to be connected to a vast array of far right organisations. Above, he is pictured with the membership of the more moderate organisation the Australian Liberty Alliance.