Elise Chapman

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Chapman is an Islamophobic activist. She is a councillor for the City of Bendigo in Victoria. She was known for her involvement in a local campaign to stop the development of a mosque in Bendigo. She participated in the Reclaim Australia rallies, speaking in its Melbourne rally.

She attended the UPF organised rally against the building of the mosque on the 29th of August. Chapman has set her sights on a bright political future, joining up with Pauline Hanson as the Victorian senate candidate for One Nation. She has launched her campaign out of the Bendigo based pub The Shamrock, the same place that acted as a political base for both the UPF and Julie Hoskin.

Oh, I forgot to mention, she dropped out of the Senate election early with ex-police constable Simon Roylance running in her place.

Psycho much

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