Eric Butler

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An Australian far right political activist. Butler served in the military during WW2 where he developed strong anti Semitic and anti communist positions. He would enter into politics in the far right after making connections with former members of the New Guard. He began to distribute large amounts of anti Semitic propaganda, claiming that the leaders of the US, England and by proxy Australia were under the control of Zionists. He was most notorious for distributing a forgery known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a blueprint for anti Semitic conspiracy theory.

He founded the Australian League of Rights in 1960. The ALOR was staunchly monarchist, wishing for Australia to remain associated with the British crown, claiming that it is a core part of Australia’s identity. He was a believer in the Christian orientated social credit economic philosophy and held conservative anti communist ideas. The ALOR was founded in the image of the American John Birch Society and had similar intentions to infiltrate mainstream conservative parties and drift them further to the right. Butler remained a leading figure in the Australian far right, influencing the formation of other Leagues in other commonwealth countries, within Canada, England, South Africa and New Zealand.

During his old age, he remained active in the organisation, overseeing the running of bookshops and the distribution of the ALOR’s propaganda. Butler died of natural causes in 2006. He is often considered one of Australia’s most notorious far right figures.