Eureka Brigade

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Eureka Brigade is an ultra nationalist band. It was founded in 2013 by Shermon Burgess AKA the Great Aussie Patriot. The band was heavily influenced by the neo Nazi music genre known as RAC (Rock Against Communism), evident in its musical style and vocals. All members of the Eureka Brigade are members of the Australian Defence League.

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(Shermie with bandmate Alex John Wentworth, a bloke who has expressed his patriotism by scoffing 12 meat pies in two minutes, when not calling for Muslim pogroms and race war.)

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Eureka Brigade are known for great classic hits such as ADL Killing Machine, Shit on a Mosque and Border Patrol, where they express interest in blowing up refugee boats and killing asylum seekers at sea. The band has done a lot of promo music videos for the Reclaim Australia rallies as well as the UPF.

This video is a cover from the Aussie neo Nazi band Fortress, but they aren’t Nazis though?

Prominent Figures

Shermon Burgess