John Wilkinson

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John Wilkinson AKA Farma John is a beloved simpleton used as a mascot by the UPF. Farma John barged his way into the far right scene when he and UPF leaders Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara engaged in a conflict with some anti fascists whilst boarding a bus Sydney bound from the Melbourne Reclaim Australia rallies. He was left worse for wear.

Farma John has since become a story of victimhood for the patriots – which they keep at the forefront of their movement as a sorrowful reminder – as well as being a fair dinkum bloke reflective of Australian agrarian culture. Or maybe I’m looking too far into it. He operates a Facebook page where he refers to himself as a “public figure” and makes videos for the UPF.

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Recent conversation:

(Blair) Hey guys! Melbourne UPF leadership are going to Perth for the next Reclaim!.

(Farma John) Oh boy, goody i cant wait….[Awkward pause]

(Blair) Ahh sorry Farma John, not you, just Me, Neil, Tommy, Chriso, Thumb and Linden.

(Farma John) oooooohhhhhhhh

(Blair) but dont worry Farma John, you can head the rally in, lets see, ahhhhhh………..melton?

(Farma John) Melton?

(Blair) Yes Farma John, Melton.”

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(Going the wrong way John)

Farma John, the one that was left behind, took to running the Reclaim event in Melton. Bit of a flop for the old fella when the non racist spoke of “dirty Arabs coming into Australia”. He also attended the PEGIDA rally in Canberra on the 6th of February.

Well, it seems John has followed the popular trend and defected from the patriot movement and UPF. A bewildered Farma John took to the camera, drunk, and uttered true words of wisdom “Cunts Fukd”. It seems that John saw himself as a leader of the Reclaim Australia movement. You had us all fooled mate.

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John turned up at a Melbourne dairy farmers rally alongside the UPF in an attempt to help facilitate the hijacking of the event. John was in his element as he took to the streets with his camera to film, harass and threaten people protesting against animal cruelty in factory farming. Oops, there goes the ‘halal is cruelty to animals’ argument.

John seems to have been dipping his invisible spurs back into activism. Between getting smashed at ute musters and the odd barn dance, he has tried to formulate his own party called Aussie Farmers First. Safe to say that won’t go anywhere.

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(John speaking at the anti refugee rally in Eltham)