Felicity Sharpe

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Sharpe is a Melbourne based fringe nutter. To put it in the simplest terms: Sharpe is odd. At one point she was a self proclaimed Jewish Zionist and supporter of Tony Abbott, whilst being involved in various online intellectual communities associated with various forms of activism. Obviously feeling a slight change in her views, a transition to the far left was made, and she became a self proclaimed Marxist and second wave trans exclusionary feminist. Of late, Sharpe has returned to her reactionary beliefs and now identifies openly as a “neo Nazi white supremacist”, a mens rights activists and a devout Catholic in support of traditional family values. Confused yet?

Sharpe was present at the Reclaim Australia rally on July 18th, strolling around on her own and trying to photograph people. Sharpe currently identifies as a neo traditionalist and national anarchist. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Drop her a line if you are bored.