F’n Aussie

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The F’n Aussie is a Great Aussie Patriot wannabe. He used to make anti Islam videos where he would be drinking, swearing and being offensive to Muslims in an attempt to glean some internet fame. Because being a racist drunk bogan is f’n Aussie?

During the UPF/ Reclaim Australia split the F’n Aussie aligned himself to Reclaim. He criticised the UPF for being too violence and ‘un-Australian’. The UPF who had already claimed all video bloggers for themselves quickly denounced the F’n Aussie as a traitor and smeared him as a rock spider (Paedophile).

F’n Aussie, much like fellow exile Voysey, is still active as a Facebook personality. He continues to  spread anti Islamic sentiments independent to the larger right wing community. Here is his self professed and incoherent ethos.

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