Gabrielle Peut

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A far right writer, politician and functionary from Melbourne. Peut is a prominent member of the anti Semitic Citizens Electoral Council, being a member of its National Executive Committee. She has represented the party in several elections, standing as a candidate for the Victorian senate in 2016.

Peut represented the CEC in a trip to Russia in 2015 for the so called Eurasia Women’s Forum, which was run by right wing politician Valentina Matviyenko, former governor of St Petersburg, Chairman of the Federation Council and prominent member of Putin’s United Russia party. Here, LaRouche’s conspiracies were given a national platform.

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Peut is a central figure in the CEC, being one of their main researchers and writers, fetishizing topics such as the death of Princess Diana and the trading bloc BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to break English/ international Jewish bankers control over the worlds economies.