Gary Hall

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Gary Hall is a loyalist from Northern Ireland. A loyalist is an Irish born idiot that believes that Ireland is not a sovereign country and should exist as an extension of the British monarchy, not even acknowledging the existence of Irish heritage, culture and identity. So basically just fuckwits. Hall spent time in prison in Northern Ireland during the Troubles for murdering a Catholic, being associated with the loyalist death squad/ terrorist group the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Following his short prison term, Hall was released and moved to Australia. Upon arrival, Hall was known for selling white supremacist clothing and music as well as keeping some very dodgy company. Hall is based in Alice Springs, where he has become involved in a small group the Concerned Residence Council, which is concerned about the increasing levels of crime in the area. He has formed his own vigilante group called the Alice Springs Volunteer Force, which was created to carry out violence against so-called criminal youths in the form of beatings, knee capping and even murder.

Online, those supportive of this group have encouraged not only violence but racially motivated violence, claiming that the majority of the perpetrators of theft and vandalism in the area are Aboriginal people, who would transpire to be the prime target of Hall and his AVF. Hall moves around freely and openly in Alice Springs, being very active in its busking and live music culture.