Generation Identity

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Generation Identitaire is a neo fascist movement founded in France. It was originally formed as the youth wing of the political party Bloc Identitaire but has outgrown the party into a movement that stretches across Europe. The group claims influence from the New Right and third position ideological strands of neo-fascism. The movement is dedicated to modernising the concepts of fascism through more contemporary forms of activism such as social media, film based propaganda and direct action political stunts. It, like other neo-fascist movements, has mimicked tactics employed by leftist activists, along with their concept of autonomy and masking up. It is staunchly anti Semitic, white nationalist and in opposition to multiculturalism.

The Australian imitation was founded in late 2015 by UPF drop out Neil Erikson. Others that have put their name to this include his mate Shermon Burgess, Ralph Cerminara and Dan Evans. The funny thing is, in Europe yeah, Generation Identity is a youth movement, made up of people in their teens and 20s. In Australia it’s a few creepy dudes in their late 30s. Thats it. Bit odd. The group seems to be in favour and support of the UPF during the last split with Neil. As of late GI appears to be a bit of a dead duck with not even a active FB page.

Prominent Figures

Neil Erikson