Geoff Prior

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Prior or Geffo is a far right activist from Sydney. Prior is a tradie and prominent member of the Party for Freedom and key organiser of their events. The man is a keen hater of immigrants and Muslims and is creepy in his vehement hatred of young women, noted for threatening to rape a young anti fascist some years ago.

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Prior and his best mate Nick Folkes

Prior is a regular fixture at PfF rallies, often standing close to Folkesy looking like a bleached ape. He holds the irrelevant title of Vice President of the Party for Freedom and is one of Folkesy’s back-up hate singers at their rallies.

Prior & Folkes drunk and lingering out the front of a school on a weekday

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His appearance at rallies and events is sporadic, often piping up to break the awkward silence (common at PfF rallies) to repeat whatever Nick Folkes is babbling on about. The man is often seen brandishing one of those peculiar placards, usually up the back to hide his lopsided face from the cameras.


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