George Christensen

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Behold George Christensen from Mackay, Queensland. Christensen is an MP (Dawson) and far right politician deeply enmeshed in the right wing of the Liberal National Party. He rose to notoriety while writing for a filthy little rag called The Student Advocate, a right wing publication that espouses bigotry and ignorance. Whilst editor, he published highly anti Semitic material, complaining that new Christian interpretations of the bible “put less emphasis on the fact that the Jews killed Christ”. He went further with sexist remarks including “The truth is women are stupid. and thats that”. Since his early clerical fascist years, this repugnant weasel has slimed his way into Australia’s murky political system, standing in federal elections for the National Party and the state elections for the Liberal National Party.

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This weasel is a close political ally of former PM Tony Abbott who rushed to defended his “mate” when information leaked about his sexist anti Semitic views. Christensen’s political ideals are largely driven by his Orthodox Christian views. He is also incidentally extremely Islamophobic. He endorsed the tour of Dutch far right politician Geert Wilders, being the only member of parliament to attend his forum. He called for the immediate deportation of Muslim’s protesting anti Islamic videos and was the first to attack the #illridewithyou anti racist campaign as a “typical lefty campaign”. He advocates conspiracy theories relating to Halal certification funding terrorism, creeping Sharia law and the existence of an anti white agenda engineered by “immigrants” and “lefties”. He is a supporter of the Reclaim Australia rallies, which Christensen was an active organiser and participant in. This bundle of joy also calls for the imprisonment of all environmentalist activists including Greenpeace and Greens members, calling them “terrorists” and encourages the return of capital punishment.

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Christensen spoke at the Reclaim Australia rally in his local Mackay, which he helped promote and organise. He could be seen as the most prominent political figure to address any Reclaim rally across Australia. In more recent times, Christensen has come out in parliament with an attack on the Safe Schools program, designed to educate kids about LGBTIQ sexuality and reduce bullying in schools. Christensen has gone out on a limb and denounced the program as a front for pedophilia and an attempt to groom children for gay sex. Seriously mate, dive head first into an empty swimming pool.

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The obese Tory pig has continued to upstage himself as candidate for the worst human being in the country. During his election campaign to retain his seat in Mackay, he welcomed the support of disgraced former PM Tony Abbott, who intended to jump on the campaign trail. He also managed to find time to drop in and support extreme right anti Muslim lunatic Bernard Gaynor from the rival Australian Liberty Alliance.

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Christensen is one of those sensationalist blokes that can’t manage to keep its snout out of the press. His most recent little stir up was to take an axe to state welfare spending, proposing a US-styled 6 months and your out scheme. The privileged little pig holds no secrets when it comes to his total indifference to people outside of his circle, targeting the young and old of Australia’s working class. This man seems to believe that the threat of being cut off from benefits in 6 months will force people into the work place and off their ass. Good attitude there mate. I guess you have never met a single mother, student, pensioner or mentally ill people before.

His transparent lack of moral fortitude is also evident in his endorsement of the sugar industry. Christensen comes from a long line of cane farmers who have worked in the industry for years. Christensen, who’s interests in this field are well known, is a staunch defender of sugar and denies its threat to peoples health and its contribution to diabetes, earning him the nickname “Sugar Plum Fairy”.

Christensen managed to hold onto his seat in the election, despite his misanthropic attitudes. Although it is currently unclear, it is likely he will become involved in Cory Bernardi‘s new political initiative the Australian Conservatives.

George getting cosy with Pauline Hanson

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George Christensen and his mate Bernardi have vowed to support far right anti Islam activists of the Q Society in their defamation cases. Christensen and others have thrown their weight behind the group, helping organise several meetings across Australia in 2017. He appeared at their Melbourne fundraiser in early February as a special guest and speaker. He has also hinted towards his endorsement of a new right wing populist party formed as a splinter from the Liberals.

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Christensen with Kane Miller leader of far right True Blue Crew

The Sugar Plum Fairy has continued to associate with the extreme right of politics following his split from the LNP. He appeared on an alt right podcast called The Convict Report aka The Dingos, a Sydney based blog connected to the larger American white nationalist/ neo Nazi  blog The Right Stuff.