George Jameson

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George Jameson (not real name) is a Serbian Sydney based twit and truck driver from Jamison Park, Penrith (hence the alias).George was an active member of TWU (Transport Workers Union) before being kicked out after attending a meeting wearing an anti refugee t-shirt. He was also active within the Protect Penrith Action Group, he was first noticed prancing around during the Penrith anti-mosque protests with an Israeli flag. He has also been seen handing out flyers around Penrith on behalf of the Christian Democrats. Oh no wait, it gets weirder.

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Jameson is a member of the Party for Freedom and a close associate of their leader Nick Folkes. He is the ringleader of the so called Spartans, a group of PfF members that play dress ups at rallies for attention. He is present at most far right events at the side of Folkes. Jameson was filmed striking a homeless woman in the face with a flag pole at Central station before the bus departed to Melbourne for the Reclaim Australia rally.

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This creep is known for tailing Nick Folkes closer than his shadow and hovering around like a general lurker. Judging by the way he speaks in his recent appearance in UPF videos, he seems to be a bit slow or at least camera shy, muddling up his words when attempting to speak. He made these videos acting as sidekick for Chris Shortis, I guess he and Nick aren’t monogamous afterall all.

(Creep face 1)

(Creep face 2)

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Jameson was busted by fuhrer of rival fascist camp AFP‘s Jim Saleam in Lindsay at a pre polling booth during a flaunting of elections would be straw dogs. Jameson was handing out leaflets for former Liberal, now independent conservative candidate Marcus Cornish. Its safe to say Jim doesn’t like Mark or George very much. Awkward.

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After the PfF’s attempt to intimidate elderly worshipers at the pro human Gosford Anglican Church during Sunday mass, Jamo now considers himself an expert at media cosplay. The disturbed media hungry spartan/ muslim/ neighbourhood weirdo snuck out of Nick Folkes’s kennel and down to Melton, Victoria for the True Blue Crew rally against Islam.

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What the fuck is wrong with this weirdo

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Jamo turning out to Melbourne court hearing to hold the hand of Neil Erikson

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Jameson with Erikson at 2nd court appearance giving Serbian nationalist salute

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Jameson’s trips to Melbourne to support a sinking ship like Neil Erikson is one thing, but his domestic situation is somewhat disturbing. The man who is now appropriating the popular meme “squatting slav” has been accused by his rivals over in camp United Nationalists Australia of grooming. The reference is to his new parter and fellow PfFer Penny Louise (20), formally of Adelaide and married to unhinged Christian nutter Justin Willingale. The 50 something year old Jameson also exerts a large amount of influence over teenage member Toby Cook who also wobbles alongside Jameson in the shadow of bigoted baboon Nick Folkes. Seems there might be a problem here.

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Jamo dragged his fat noggin up to Melbourne once again to help Neil with his publicity stunts outside the courtroom. Despite the theatrics the three twits were found guilty and charged for inciting serious contempt under the Racial & Religious Tolerance Act. In a drunken rage, Erikson & Jamo and a few others stormed a Yarra council meeting targeting Stephen Jolly, in yet another moronic display of hedonistic stupidity.

Seriously dude, what is with the vest?

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