Gerald Fredrick Toben

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Toben is a German born historical revisionist and Holocaust denier. Born and originally based in Germany, Toben worked as a lecturer at several universities. He moved to Australia in the early 90s where he could easily hide behind Australia’s freedom of speech laws. He founded his own anti Semitic intellectual organisation the Adelaide Institute in 1994. Four years later he would serve a brief prison term for Holocaust denial.

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(Toben outside Auschwitz Birkenau)

In the Adelaide Institutes material Toben claims that the act of exterminating Jews at concentration camps is an entire falsehood and never actually took place. He referred to it as a myth and narrative engineered as apart of a Zionist plot. Throughout the years, Toben became the epicentre of revisionism in Australia and networked with both local and foreign far right groups.

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(Toben and Welf Herfurth holding NPD flag)

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(Toben pictured with Australia’s most notorious neo Nazi terrorist Jack Van Tongeren)

Toben headed the Adelaide Institute until 2009 when extradition charges began relating to Holocaust denial. He was eventually imprisoned briefly for thee months on charges of racial incitement and contempt of court. He forfeited leadership of the institute to Peter Hartung.

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(Toben with former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust.)