Glenn Anderson

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Remember this moron? This is Glenn Anderson, a bonehead from Melbourne. He made his debut when he was photographed several times in a “skinhead 14 88” t shirt at the first Melbourne Reclaim Australia rally.

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He was later spotted in heat at the anti communist rally on the 31st of May organised by the United Patriots Front. Despite old Shermie’s claims that they are not a Nazi group, he was filmed marching side by side with this bonehead throughout the event.

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Anderson has since been denounced officially by the UPF, due to them being exposed as a neo Nazi front, in an attempt for them to distance themselves from being labelled fascists. It has since been claimed by the UPF that Anderson has made contact with Sydney neo Nazi group Squadron 88.

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Guess who made it back to the third UPF rally without being dealt with by its leadership? Mr Anderson, only this time bringing with him a fantastic home made sign. Nothing like a bit of Nazi DIY.

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After being booted from every rally he has turned up to Anderson is bitter and isolated. A film surfaced of him jumping out of a truck he was driving to attack a group of cyclists for complaining to him that he almost ran them over. Charming guy.