Golden Dawn

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Chrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn) is a Greek neo Nazi political party. After being a marginal force in Greek politics from the early 80s to 2000’s it rose to prominence in 2008 during the economic crisis to become the 3rd largest party in Greece. The party is known for its extreme violence, mobilising vigilante squads to attack immigrants and anti fascists, resulting in dozens of murders.

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The Golden Dawn first appeared in Australia around 2012 after the GD leadership voiced interest in expanding its support base in Australia. A handful of supporters of Greek origin flocked to the cause, attending meetings and rallies alongside the Australia First Party, with whom they share an ideological platform. They were notably met with resistance in Brisbane in 2014 where their march was shut down by anti fascists and sent packing.

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Despite their Greek “immigrant” status they seemed to have assimilated well into the white supremacist? scene. Some groups like the SCHS remain old-school and still hate the “slimy wogs”. Members attended the Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne. A new group of Greek youths in Sydney calling themselves the Hellenic Front claim to be with Golden Dawn.

GD & AFP running away

Newly formed Tasmanian chapter

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GD have undergone a revitalisation on account of rich fuhrer and chief benefactor Iggy’s recent fortune. On the 28th of October, the GD hosted a function (under the newly named banner of Hellenic Nationalists of Australia) at an undisclosed location (likely Hellenic Club) in Sydney. Supporters of the organisation turned up from across the country to attend a 100-200 strong formal shindig complete with rousing fascist speeches, dancing and cake. The event was in honour of Manoli Kapelonis & Giorgos Fountoulis, two Greek GD scumbags that got what was coming to them.

Also in attendance were local political backer Jim Saleam as well as members of small Russian Cossack & Serbian Chetnik (Nazi collaborators & mass murderers) fetishist groups from South West Sydney. Two leading figures of the Greek party including founder and chairman Nikolaos Michaloliakos and youth leader Ilias Kasidiaris (the scumbag that punched a female political opponent on live television).

Golden Dawn Sydney

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Prominent Figures

Iggy Gavrilidis

Elias Vamiakis

Peter Poulos

Sophie Krokos

Christos Cakouros

Nikolaos Mitsakis

Sakis Tseros

Christine Tsimtsiridis

Irini Tseros

Petros Tsounias