Graeme Campbell

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Campbell is an Australian far right independent politician. Campbell was a member of the Australian Parliament serving in the seat of Kalgoorie for eighteen years. His fervent stance against immigration, multiculturalism and the Mabo descision saw him finally kicked out of the Labor party in 1996.  He had close ties with several far right groups including the Australian League of Rights and Australians Against Further Immigration.

Campbell developed strong sympathies for white nationalism, being a supporter of Apartheid South Africa. He was a staunch supporter of the reinstatement of the White Australia Policy. He founded the Australia First Party which would become Australia’s most active far right party. He briefly served in the One Nation Party, and is currently active as an independent.

Campbell, despite his age, remains active and immersed in the Australian far right. He has been associated with the fringes of several ultra nationalist party’s, most recently speaking at an event of the Australian Protectionist Party in June in Western Australia.

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