Greg Burt

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Burt is a far right activist from Young, based in Sydney. Burt is ex military and is known for filming long and boring videos about army weaponry, historical reenactment and tributes to the Australian armed forces. He is also an active member of the Party for Freedom and has made fantastic films for the knuckleheads in the past. He operates and runs the youtube channel Darkhorse 853 which operates as a propaganda channel for the PfF or in other words films them mingling. His footage has been used to cover far right rallies, notably the PEGIDA rally in Canberra.

Burt continues on as the personal Goebbels of dead shit  Nick Folkes. When not covering PfF events and rallies, his video archives reveal he lives probably the most boring life imaginable. He is prone to turn up by himself at leftist events and film people for the PfF. In his most recent stunt he turned up to a Black Lives Matter protest at Town Hall to film and intimidate activsts. When asked to leave, he resisted and threatened people. He was removed from the protest by police who searched him and gave him a move on order. He proceeded to hide around the corner of Town Hall and make a video claiming he was attacked by members of Antifa. Don’t flatter yourself mate.

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