Hellas Fan Club

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The HFC is a rent a mob of Greek nationalists and neo Nazi hooligans. They are active in showing up at sporting events to rally support for Greek sportsmen. They are responsible for agitating politically motivated violence, racial bigotry and inciting hatred. They were responsible for agitating racial violence during the Australian Open in 2008 and 2009. A notable perpetrator of violence was a young man called Michael Dimou who attempted to hit people with a baseball bat.

The HFC, which also boasts chapters in Germany, Canada and the US, claims to be closely associated with Golden Dawn and has modelled itself on its hooligan wing the Blue Army. The groups leader is Chris Vlahogiannis.

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(Professional tennis player Marcos Baghdatis (centre) with HFC leader Nick Vlahogiannis (right))

The HFC are particularly notorious for their association with professional tennis player Marcos Baghdatis (above) who parties and hangs out with them. In a video pictured below, Baghdatis is heard chanting with the group singing Greek Cypriot nationalist songs, inciting racial hatred against Turkish people and calling for their immediate removal from Cyprus.