Hellenic Front

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The Hellenic Front is a neo Nazi Facebook group that was created in 2014. It exists as a front group for the Golden Dawn in Sydney. The group promotes Golden Dawn’s Australia wordpress, run by old mate Iggy. The group claim to have a presence in St George and Marrickville, though they haven’t been sighted in the day. Rather their style seems to be more about photo ops in abandoned parks, with in hoods, at night. Tuff guys.

Aside from macho posturing, posts from the Hellenic Front have included such ignorant crap as below, calling feminism a modern Jewish conspiracy.

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Its most active figure seems to be a guy calling himself Chris Dounis, who got into a bit of strife at a Rabbitohs game: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/south-sydney-rabbitohs-give-the-boot-to-member-over-scum-banner/story-fni3gki8-1226718570947

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(Chris on the bottom far right kneeling)