Howard Crawford

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Crawford is a Western Sydney based far right head kicker and behind the scenes hatchet man. Crawford was formally a member of the far right Australia First Party but was later removed from the party for unknown reasons (don’t take Jims word for it). Crawford would move on to find a place in the Liberal Party, becoming one of their most significant organisers in the Western Sydney region.

Crawford played a significant role in the organising of the Protect Penrith Action Group through the Liberal Party under Liberal councillor Marcus Cornish. Crawford was a major power broker and organiser in the anti Mosque campaign, helping organise two rallies against the proposal for an Islamic centre.

Crawford is known more for his role in the Liberal Party but not for his extra caricular activities. He helped found, fund and organise the tiny neo Nazi group Squadron 88. Under Crawford’s instruction, the tiny band of deadshits pranced around in camo pants and bomber jackets in the height of the 2014 Penrith summer with white pride world wide flags and Nazi salutes.

Crawford’s plans for S88 were beyond cos play, however. It was revealed he was using them as his private thugs, for intimidating his opposition and even paying for them to establish a kick boxing gym. The man with the shady source of income was using them to bully pro Mosque elements within the council, planning to send them bomb threats and initiate a vandalism campaign against them. He is also closely connected to Nick Folkes and is the man behind the scenes of the  PfF, who are engaged in a feud with his old mates and new enemies the AFP. He closely linked the PfF with S88 and saw their members attend PfF rallies and attend seminars.

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(Crawford in the company of Mark McDonald and a distant Nick Folkes)

Old mate was swindled by the AFP to attend a blind date with a member of Socialist Alliance. During this meeting it was revealed that he saw his old mate Nick for what he is, a dumb ass with a big mouth and was plotting to replace him as head of the PfF. They had hidden cameras and leaked footage of the meeting. It would take a REAL dumb fucker to be taken in by an AFP swindle. So yeah, meet Howie.