Iggy Gavrilidis

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Iggy is a Greek born neo Nazi. Gavrilidis is a member of the Golden Dawn, a Greek neo Nazi party. He is the founder and leader of the party’s Australian chapter. Iggy believes in racially cleansing Australia of Muslims, Jews and non European immigrants, funnily enough.

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(GD Australia)

The small group organised several events in solidarity with the imprisonment of the GD leadership in Greece. These events, which took place in Brisbane, Sydney’s CBD, Western Sydney’s suburb Doonside and apparently Melbourne, were organised alongside the Australia First Party, with whom Iggy is closely associated with.

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(GD and AFP members in Brisbane)

Gavrilidis was said to have been scheduled to speak at the Reclaim Australia in Melbourne. He and his group attended the rally but did not take the podium for obvious reasons.

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Although lingering on the fringes of political viability and relevance, Iggy has remained steadily active and in command of the GD brand in Aus. After recently coming into some money, he organised a sizeable national Golden Dawn conference in Sydney. Playing MC and holding court in his fanciest blackshirt it is safe to say that this was his finest hour. He seems set in building a support base within the Christian Orthodox community in Sydney’s inner and outer west along with support from local salt of the earth fascist types like the AFP.

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Iggy addressing Russian nationalist rally on Christmas Eve