Australian Protectionist Party

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The Australian Protectionist Party is a small far right political party. It was founded in 2009 by ex- Australia First Party member Darrin Hodges, former leader of the party’s Sutherland branch in Sydney’s Shire. The APP were ideologically devoted to anti immigration and Islamophobia and denounced the AFP’s anti Semitism. They were staunchly pro Zionist and often displayed Israeli flags at their events. They were featured in the ABC show “Dumb, Drunk & Racist”.

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The APP’s ideological model was more or less taken from Dutch liberal nationalist politician Geert Wilders, also taking inspiration from America’s Tea Party independent conservative movement. They claimed to be defenders of Western Judeo Christian family and cultural values. The group were known for counter protesting the pro Palestinian Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement and picketing Villawood Detention Centre calling for the government to “torpedo the boats”. APP members were also known for organising the Sydney white nationalist Ironbark Club and operate an online newspaper Destiny.

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The APP would collapse in 2012 due to a successful resistance against the party by anti fascist activists. The party’s political platform would later be revived by the Party for Freedom. Despite the fact that the APP has been officially disbanded, their FB is still active in posting anti immigration and anti Islam propaganda. Maybe Dazza is up to his old tricks again…….

It appears that the APP continue to exist under the leadership of Andrew Phillips and is now considered apart of the AFP’s loveable band of nationalists (Nazis). Although expressing pro Zionist early on in its life, the APP since its origin had always expressed forms of white nationalism. Its recent ideological shift from Zio patriot to full blown Nazis has been confirmed by former rival Australia First Party, with whom they are now closely associated with. On June 16th they hosted Graeme Campbell, founder of the AFP, at a party talk in Western Australia,

APP idiots in the hour of their twilight

Prominent Figures

Darrin Hodges

Nick Hunter Folkes

Andrew Phillips

Martin Fletcher 

John Moffitt

Mark Wilson

Teresa Van Lieshout

Troy Ellis

Nick Steel

Sergio Redegalli 

Terrie Ann Vernie

Ruby Jacenko


Southern Cross Soldiers

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The SCS was a nationalist youth orientated gang that appeared in the wake of the Cronulla riots. It was comprised of common criminals who exert pride in race and nation through their exaggerated display of national symbols and conceiving a threatening appearance. The SCS have white power skinhead, bikie and adlay type elements, and endorse violent action against enemies of Australia. Members of the SCS can often be identified through their wearing of synchronised hoodies. It was closely associated with a smaller group called the Full Blooded Skips, who were present at the recent Reclaim Australia rallies in Melbourne.

They adopt the image of an American styled gang, producing hip hop tracks and the home boy look. This has earned them criticism and distancing from other nationalist groups who denounce them as cheap imitators and assorted thugs. The SCS comprised a large portion of the ADL membership and also participated in violence during the Cronulla Riots.

The SCS gained attention from a Sydney Morning Herald article in 2008. 15 year old Tyler Cassidy was shot dead by police, who was an alleged member of the group, earning the group press coverage. Today the SCS are largely inactive.

(laughable nationalist rap)

White Pride Coalition of Australia

This was a small internet based organisation run by several neo Nazi activists. It was formed around 2003 by two now well-known online based figures in the Australian neo Nazi scene, Peter Campbell and Jim Perren. It is associated with members of the Creativity Movement, Australian Nationalist Movement and Australian KKK.

WPCA was noted for possessing some of the most vile kind of far right material which had little to no intellectual value. It openly celebrated the Holocaust and distributed extremely racist propaganda. It also functioned as a small online forum for fellow racists to share their hateful little plots and schemes.

The site was noted for publishing information on how to create nail-bombs and encouraged neo Nazis to commit acts of terror against their racial and political opponents. They also organised leaflet and letterbox drops on a few occasions. The webpage is largely inactive and now defunct.

Prominent Figures

Peter Campbell

Jim Perren

Jack Van Tongeren

Patrick O Sullivan

National Anarchists/ New Right

A third position far right youth orientated movement. It was founded by German immigrant Welf Herfurth, a neo fascist activist. The group coins the ideology of national anarchism, combining anarchism with nationalism. Herfurth’s group has been influenced by the New Right ideology as well as the German Conservative Revolutionary Movement, being a half evolved form of crypto fascism. It expresses strong anti globalisation, racial tribalism and anti Zionist positions.

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(National Anarchists in Sydney attempt to infiltrate a pro Palestine rally)

The New Right are active in mobilising small demonstrations, notably attending protests against Communist China, Israel and APEC. Herfurth also plays a leading role in the organisation of Sydney Forum, a far right intellectual event co run by the Australia First Party. The New Right is also tied to the leadership and membership of other Australian far right groups including the Nationalist Alternative and the Australian chapter of Volksfront.

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National Anarchists at the 2007 anti APEC demonstration

Due to Herfurth losing his social standing within the far right and subsequently leaving the country, the National Anarchist movement seems to have faded back into obscurity. Good riddance scum.

Prominent Figures

Welf Herfurth

Scott Harrison

Alex Annenkov 

Australian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

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A minor white supremacist group. It was founded around 1999 by neo Nazi David Palmer, who obviously based it on its American counterpart. The group was largely inactive and made up of an array of smaller fragmented neo Nazi groups and organisations. It did very little aside from posture and dress up in costumes.

The group claimed to have infiltrated the large right wing nationalist political party One Nation.

Prominent Figures

David Palmer

Peter Coleman

Patrick O Sullivan

Confederate Action Party


Confederate Action Party (CAP) was a far right, white supremacist political party founded in July 1990 by Perry Jewell & Tony Pitt. Predominantly active within Queensland CAP run election campaigns in the Queensland state election of 1992 and 1995, Australian Federal Election of 1993 and the Western Australia by election of Helena in 1994.

CAP’s political platform included: opposing the influx of non white immigrants, a complete stop to the intake of Asylum seekers, independence U.N. conventions, anti gun control measures, harsher punishments for people convicted of criminal offenses:  including re-instating the death penalty, reintroducing the use of convict labor and the implementation of the Three Strikes Laws. CAP also called for the assimilation of Aboriginal people and the end to Aboriginal cultural practices, the abolition of native title legislation and the closure of the Aboriginal Affairs Department.

Like many far right parties of today CAP would have a short lifespan and would soon decline in popularity. Helped by continuing infighting by prominent members and slander campaigns against leading figures by other members. The party would soon be split between factions, some aligned with Tony Pitt and others with Perry Jewell.

Perry Jewell
would leave to form a new party called Conservative Action Party (CAP) however it did not have any notable political success.Like rats deserting a sinking ship many of CAP’s members would soon be finding new venues in which to satisfy their far right political ambitions. When Pauline Hanson founded the One Nation Party in 1997 many of the prominent extremists from the ranks of CAP would join. Others would go on to join neo-nazi group Australia First.

Prominent Figures

Perry 032
Perry Jewell
Tony Pitt









Australians Against Further Immigration

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A small right wing nationalist political party. It was founded in 1989 evidently to ensure stricter restrictions on immigration to Australia. The AAFI, unlike other far right groups, lacks a central thesis and a firm political doctrine that extends beyond anti immigration.

It lacked mainstream political success due to the public perception that the AAFI was a racist party. The AAFI went to great lengths to distance itself from the far right and other extremist parties who they felt were responsible for their lack of success. The party was dissolved in 2008. The group would go on to form the structure of the One Nation Party.

Prominent Figures

Robyn Spencer

Graeme Campbell

Dennis McCormack

John Moffat

Alex Norwick

Brendan Gidley

Terry Cooksley

Tony Pettitt

Rob Fraser