Jackie Kelly

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A conservative politician from Penrith, Western Sydney. Born in New Zealand, Kelly worked as a probation and parole officer prior to her involvement in politics. She joined the West Sydney division of the Liberal Party, getting elected to the seat of Lindsey in 1996 under the Howard government, however she was disqualified on account of her status as a foreign national. Those bloody white immigrants!

Kelly would be re-elected to the seat of Lindsey and go on to become Minister for Sport & Tourism under Howard, playing a crucial government role in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Kelly’s tactics whilst holding her seat of Lindsey was marked with controversy. In 2007 a group of her lackeys including her husband Gary Clark were caught distributing fake Islamic extremist propaganda thanking the Labor Party for their support of Jihadi terrorist groups. Kelly has funnily enough denied any responsibility for this.

In 2014 Kelly, since splitting with the Libs, announced her intention to run as an independent for the seat of Lindsey once again. She was closely affiliated with the Protect Penrith Action Group, a weave of far right extremists working to oppose the development of the Kemps Creek mosque. She hosted meetings of the PPAG committee and was one of the most visible politicians behind its development, along with support from the Christian Democrats, Australian Christians, West Sydney Liberals and the Australia First Party.