Jacquie Lambie

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Lambie is a right wing politician. Lambie, claiming to be of Aboriginal descent, previously served in the military, holding the rank of corporal. Following her career in the military she entered into politics as a member of the Liberal Party.

She rose to notoriety during her career within the Palmer United Party in the Tasmanian  Senate. She has attracted quiet a large amount of criticism and controversy due to her outlandish statements.

Lambie has built a career as one of those sensationalist “controversial” politicians, making comments for shock value. She is known for her ongoing criticisms against the Greens as well as her socially conservative religious views, opposing gay marriage, immigration and Islam in Australia, as well as the reinstatement of the death penalty.

Due to her racism, she was banned from the PUP and is currently an independent. Lambie praises Pauline Hansen as a personal hero and is affiliated with One Nation.