James Ashby

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Ashby is a media expert and consultant from Queensland. He was a former employee of former Labor MP Peter Slipper, working as his media advisor. Ashby became infamous for accusing his former boss of sexual harassment, which was suspected by many to have been concocted by Ashby in an effort to destroy the Labor politicians career out of spite. Ashby would later drop all accusations and retire ashamed from politics to work in radio.

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He has since made a glorious return to the top of the toilet as a personal assistant to Pauline Hanson. He also acts as her closest media advisor and confidant, often seen close at Hanson’s side during public appearances and interviews. Probably so she doesn’t say anything more bigoted than usual. Ashby has since become part of the One Nation Party’s inner circle and leadership.

It appears all his ass kissing as Hanson’s assistant and advisor has finally paid off. It has been announced after a long line of rumours that he intends to run as a potential candidate, considering the seat of Kawana. This has come following the sacking of Rod Culleton and Shan Ju Lin from the party.