James Lawrence

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This weedy little dork is Jimmy L, a wannabe bonehead from Melbourne. Lawrence is primarily active on Facebook and Youtube but does attend rallies with the United Patriots Front, which he is a member of, despite their strict no-Nazi policy. Hmmmm. He claims to be a supporter of the white supremacist religion Christian Identity, which views Jewish people as the spawn of Satan, non-whites as mud races and Jesus as a persecuted white man. Pfffffttttt.

This Frankston local and so called Skinhead Battalion 88 member has spent time in several psych wards, which has awarded him with that classic eerie school shooter vibe.

Home made vids:

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(Jimmy and his bonehead mates with GAP at the Richmond UPF rally)

Lawrence appears to be chummy with the leadership of the UPF, which he follows around like a lost puppy at rallies, and briefly posturing as a bonehead afterwards away from Shermie, before being picked up by his mum after the rally. White power…

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(James Lawrence with Fergus Hunt on his way home from a big day out with the UPF)

This idiot has given us more info on his neo Nazi connections than you could imagine:

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