James Saunders

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AKA the Patriots Poet is a tin-headed goose. Saunders wrote a series of spoken poems during the Reclaim Australia rallies and the formation of the United Patriots Front. His poems were often used in UPF propaganda videos. He has dedicated his life and appearance to resemble and embody the term bogan.

Saunders poems typically involve words strung together then shouted out loud to amount to nothing more than Muslims and immigrant bashing. He claims such racial slur is as an ANZAC tradition and “the Aussie Way”. In one disturbing poem, the man said that rape was okay in ones and twos, but gang rape? That’s just plain un Australian mate.

No worries mate

The poor bloke, who once had his material shared on patriot pages, has now been reduced to begging for attention and a platform at bottom end far right rallies.