James Scully


A Sydney based far right Coptic Orthodox priest. Scully became ordained as an Orthodox Priest in 2008, working overseas in the Philippines as a Christian missionary.

Scully has been floating around the patriot movement as an online supporter since the early days of Reclaim Australia, been drawn particularly close to the UPF whom he regularly interacts with online.

Supporter of the neo Nazi Australia First


neo Nazi symbols


Following the great purge of far right Facebook pages around mid 2017, Father James seems to have taken the opportunity to make a name for himself. He participated in an anti Islam rally on the 10th of June at Parliament House in Canberra (where he appears to live now). The turnout of this tiny gathering of Dan Evans supporters numbered under 10 and went largely unnoticed.

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Father James seems to have some interesting views, particularly concerning Jews. He shares large amounts of content from self hating Jew turned Orthodox Christian vlogger Nathanael Kapner AKA Brother Nathanael. Kapner is a self hating Jew who converted to Orthodox Christianity and now posts videos on YouTube fill of anti Semitic conspiracies, hinting that the Jews are a Satanic order & products of the antichrist, making him a big hit in the neo Nazi movement.

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