James Sternhill

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Dr Joseph Mengele, oh shit sorry, Dr James Sternhill is a Sydney based far right activist. Sternhill is a dentist who practices at 107/ 222 Pitt St at Paul McCoy Dentaland responsible for inventing an anaesthetic device. He is also a highly active member of the Party for Freedom and is in regular attendance at most of their events and demonstrations, being one of their founding members.

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(Weirdo photobombing City 2 Surf and being ignored)

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(Keep it in your pants mate)

Sternhill has spoke at Reclaim Australia rallies in Sydney and was noted for assaulting a young woman during a counter protest against the PfF in Belmore Park in mid 2015. This kind of behaviour has cemented him as one of Nick Folkes‘s most devoted and trusted disciples.

(James’s got talent)

For those either suffocating with laughter or lost for words in regards to the video above, it seems Sterny likes to appropriate folk songs for the benefit of the PfF. Silly bloke.