Jason Davies

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A far right activist from Perth. Davies is a member of the Perth chapter of the United Patriots Front, being a close friend and associate of its leader Dennis Huts. Davies has accompanied Huts on many of his disruptions of soft leftist demos. Davies was also a founding member of the WA chapter of the True Blue Crew.

Jason with Rod Culleton

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Jason with Pauline Hanson

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Jason with members of the ALA

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Davies has recently established a small sub group called All For Australia (AFA lol) in which he has called himself the leader of. The tiny group of UPF supporters have done their own little agitation stunts, namely waiting to get kicked out of shopping centers for wearing deliberately annoying tshirts. Edgy.

This bloke also helped organize the impromptu small gathering of UPF supporters in Fremantle on Australia Day with Huts, where he attempted to intimidate an old man by shouting in his face with a megaphone. He and his little gang also acted as Pauline Hanson’s self appointed security on her visit to Perth. Yea that’s right, he’s a REAL tough monkey.

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