Jim Perren

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Jim Perren is a neo Nazi online activist based in Queensland. Perren has been involved in the neo Nazi movement for quite some time, being a moderator of Stormfront Downunder. He went on to co-run the online based neo Nazi organisation the White Pride Coalition of Australia, which was active in printing and distributing racist propaganda that incited racial violence and vandalism against African refugees in Queensland.

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Perren is also closely associated with Blood & Honour and is a member of the Toowoomba branch of the Australia First Party. He currently runs the neo Nazi website Whitelaw Towers alongside his friend Peter Campbell. He works as a roo shooter and bouncer, so cleansing inferior species for the greater good seems to be way of life, not a lifestyle for old Jim.

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Through WLT, Jim is able to incite hatred against an array of people, including First Nations people, Muslims, Jews and anti racist activists. He is closely connected to AFP leader Jim Saleam, working as his kind of online hitman, writing defamation pieces to slander and threaten his political opponents. He is in close contact with a small but present neo Nazi network across the country that feed him information.

It has been claimed by their rivals in the Australian Patriot Army that Perren is involved in the UPF‘s inner circle. Perren is one of the groups most senior leaders in Queensland and played a prominent role in organising UPF’s Fortitude tour in Toowoomba,  on the 13th of February.  Perren likes to play a behind the scenes role, keeping a low profile from behind the shadows. He is a clear example of the neo Nazi presence within UPF’s leadership.