Jim Saleam

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James Saleam is Australia’s most notorious neo fascist activist. He became active in the 70s as a neo Nazi, joining the Australian National Socialist Party during his teenage years. After this group achieved no success apart from becoming a political pariah, Saleam attempted to distance himself from Nazism and became a firm believer in the Third Position, another form of neo fascism.

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(Saleam with his friend Ross May)

The Sydney based activist went on to found a series of small far right groups, including the National Alliance, a group made up of neo Nazis in denial. He was responsible for allegedly organising a firebomb attack on a communist bookshop in Brisbane during the 70s. He then went on to form his own organisation in 1982 called National Action. Under the influence of Saleam the group was involved in violent agitation including assaults on activists, vandalising left-wing offices and bookshops and the raiding of their meetings.

NA attracted an element of white power boneheads who rallied around leader Saleam, who often provoked them to violence. In 1989 Saleam engineered a drive by shooting on the house of anti Apartheid activist Eddie Funde. As a result of firearms charges combined with fraud, Saleam was imprisoned for three years. Upon his release he went to uni, got a doctorate in political science and published Inside the Kangaroo Reich, a document that ratted out his former neo Nazi friends in an effort to distance himself from them.

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(Jim with Kiwi neo Nazi leaders Kyle Chapman and Kerry Bolton)

He became involved in a small far right institution the Australia First Party during the early 2000s where he helped set up the Patriotic Youth League. After engaging in a bitter power struggle with former AFP leader Diane Teasdale, Saleam took over the party. His efforts have been largely aimed at achieving electoral success. The party’s platform is targeted towards economic nationalism/ protectionism, opposing the spread of Islam and reinstituting the White Australia Policy.

So on paper, one might say Jim is the ideal leader for the far right in Australia. But I wonder just how “white” the name Saleam is?. Well guess what, its not. Saleam, despite his instinctive racism, fascist credentials and endorsement of white Australia, is of Lebanese descent, with his rivals in the far right referring to him as the ‘mad Arab’.

Despite his efforts to break from Nazism, Saleam is a long way away from breaking the trend. He has found it hard to shed his zombie fascist friends and continues to keep things old school. He remains a close friend of  Ross “the Turtle” May and his neo Nazi bonehead crew Squadron 88; who use his house the AFP headquarters known as the bunker (address) as a regular meeting space.

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(Aussie First people with Saleam and the Skull)

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(Jim with Golden Dawn & Squadron 88 members)

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(Jim addressing New Zealand neo Nazi bonehead group Right Wing Resistance)

Jim, a long time shoo-in for the Aussie far right tough guy award is also a sham. In an interview with VICE magazine, Saleam stated in reference to anti fascist activists, “I’d like to catch them, but I don’t want to hand them over to police. I’d much prefer it if some of our guys touched them up and they never came back”. If we ignore the paedophilic undertones, this is funny. In the events surrounding AFP HQ in 2014, Saleam was noted to have screamed threats from behind his gated compound when anti fascists allegedly confronted him. On both occasions, Saleam was quick to call the police, identify and testify against these so called terrorists with assault, GBH and malicious vandalism. All to no avail however with the accused all found not guilty and Jim caught off side for telling fibs. So Jim is not the tough guy he claims to be, sounds more like a ZOG collaborator aye?

Aside from his political rhetoric, Jim is renowned on both sides of the political spectrum as a compulsive liar of the most obscure brand. When most people his age are out with their families, enjoying life and maybe taking up a hobby, he is on Facebook, publishing pointless lies, slander and sensationalist conjecture. This sad old man has often lied about so called successful events put on by AFP that never actually happened. He also tends to paint his small contingent of ageing loons as heroic crusaders against the cabal of filth that is Zionist globalism. How sad indeed.

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Jim has in recent days thrown his weight behind the United Patriots Front, after appearing in a video with Neil Erikson, discussing the threat of left wing violence. Full of holes, inconsistencies and blatant lies, Jim has done his best to console his dream of a united nationalist movement, with him at its head. This has brought trouble for Jim, most notably when he was removed from the Sydney Reclaim Australia rally on the 19th of July after he was accused by his fellow patriots of being an Antifa snitch. C’mon RA, how do you think that makes Jim feel? As usual, he slithered back to his FB to have another cry about not being allowed into one of the biggest nationalist events of the year as well as plugging the AFP event the following weekend “Anti Racism is a code for Anti White”. Jim resents the slander and lashes out at Party for Freedom, whom he suspects was behind the sabotage. While Jim’s delusions of self importance simmer he has refused to have any further part in any organising around Reclaim Australia, but he will work with the UPF.   Im sure Jim is just smitten.

It is that time of year again whereby Jimbo kicks up a fuss and attempts to build political bridges, this time throwing his support behind the Roberto Fiore and Nick Griffin (Jim’s biggest heroes) led political front the European Alliance for Peace and Freedom. He has also voiced support for the platform of the openly neo Nazi British National Front, the American white supremacist party the American Third Position Party and the Argentinian Neighbourhood Flag party, surprise, another neo Nazi party.

In more insensitive news, Jim has continued his campaign of harassment against Aboriginal Wiradjuri elder Jenny Munro, the leader of the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy. After Aunt Jenny made it very clear over a year ago that the issues around the Block in Redfern have very little to do with Jim, he has since shamelessly set his political agenda to work as evident in this open letter.

“An Open Letter to Aunt Jenny- by Jim Saleam

Dear Jenny Munro,

Last year you and I had a brief correspondence after some person displayed a poster in Redfern calling upon Aborigines to resist Chinese property purchase.

The authorship of that poster is still in dispute, although I affirmed to you then the basic accuracy of its content. You eventually said I was “racist” and ended our correspondence.

It was not long after that the housing company taking over the Block was exposed for telling clients that the Aborigines were being moved out of the area – which made the purchase of a nice home unit a good investment.

Is this China-connected corporation – racist?

You and I are both aware that the Block will become another overseas student community and that these overseas students are not going to be white fellas like me.

I have said to you that the problem with many of our Aboriginal spokespeople is that they are lost in an anti racist chatter invented, not by them, but by white liberals.

It is very tempting to talk about racism and demand rights and talk about changing racist laws and racist practises and all the rest of that. A lot of whites who are ‘liberals’ or ‘socialists’ or ‘anarchists’ and so on will come down to the Block to tell you they support you.

In point, these people simply hate themselves for being white. They hate their own identity, don’t want one and only seem to want to use you, if they can, for some agenda that isn’t yours.

I would say to you that they intend to wipe Australia off the map with a population of a hundred million (or more perhaps?) and rather than our place being a happy land full of harmony-people, it will be reduced to an urban nightmare and a mining quarry.

No Land Rights there!

You are quoted as saying of the Block: “Always was, always will be Aboriginal land”.

I have seen that slogan used by these same whites too. If that is so: then why would they seek to flood Australia with so-called refugees and contract labourers and new migrants from Asia, particularly in the north of Australia where they will push Aborigines off their land so it can be mining leases or big plantations?

Obviously, it’s Aboriginal land only till they give it away?

Did any Aborigine give them permission, or even a nod to push for that?

A new player is in town. It is Asia and particularly – China.

We whites have our collaborators with this sort of thing too. We call them ‘politicians’ as a general rule. You have the Aboriginal Housing Corporation. Call them what you want.

I think a whole new discussion has to be held. I have been told that you want Aboriginal families to live in the Block, that you want to clean the area up of criminal elements from times past and make a go of inner city living. However, you have run foul of a new enemy, a real one.

I prefer the Block is Aboriginal and not Chinese and certainly not sold off to overseas student interlopers.

I am an Australian Nationalist. I uphold the Australian Nation and its European Heritage. As the first nationalist political programme I subscribed to, written in 1978, said: there are two basic races for the Continent living out a destiny – Aboriginal and European.

Hard as it might be for a ready acceptance, this truth has now come to you, whether it pleases you or whether it doesn’t.

It is time for this revolutionary dialogue.”

If you look through the archives of AFP website you will see the posters put up around Redfern in 2014 created by the party in an attempt to cause division between Asians and the First Nations people. That was a year ago and Jim is back at it baiting one race against another. Im sure people will find the claims made the letter offensive. However, the fact that Jim thinks that Aunt Jenny, a life long land rights activist with an incredible insight into the ongoing attacks and genocide against her people, would be fooled and manipulated to play into the hands of a white supremacist convicted of organising a shooting on an anti Apartheid activists house is ludicrous. The letter is so brutally offensive in its presumption that a white nationalist from a wealthy immigrant family who has never worked a day in his life, is going to tell the true custodians of this land about their future, their fight and their history. I’d stick to setting up Panzer reenactment battles in the bunker and slandering your Nazi rivals on Stormfront Jim.

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Jim was caught a little hot under the collar when his rival Nick Folkes revealed a compromising video of the doctor speaking at a neo Nazi event (See Australia First). Jim responded, as he always does, by ratting out his enemies. He exposed Liberal Party activist and far right functionary Howard Crawford, the connection between PfF and Squadron 88 and made explicit the ties Nick Folkes has with Mark McDonald. Cheers for the info Jim!

The battle weary Jim Saleam is continuing to divide the Australian far right. With his sectarian tactics to force a wedge between the “patriots” and “nationalism” seeming to finally gain fruition. For years, those not considered anti-Semitic enough by Saleam have found themselves pray to his online neo Nazi lackies in the form of WLT. Targets of such attacks have been Nick Folkes, Shermon Burgess, Ralph Cerminara, Danny Nalliah, Mike Holt, Pauline Hanson and his new nemesis Howard Crawford. These people fit Jim’s Zio-patriot complex. Accordingly the far right seems to be split in half along the lines imagined by  Jim’s sectarian approach, namely the nationalists vs. patriots, and the blame has been placed on Jim and his mates.

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After staging a series of essentially non existent pickets out the front of Harvey Norman stores for hiring Syrian refugees, Jim has found himself under the boot once again. It seems a hard working fascist cant seem to register a political party, build international contacts or log on to their Facebook without being attacked. Damn ZOG.

It seems Jim has dipped his toes back into politics in an attempt to get the AFP re registered, seeing as the PfF’s activism has overshadowed him and rendered him irrelevant. The old time fascist intends to contest the seat of Lindsay, NSW in the up coming Federal election.

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Saleam has been taking the intellectual line of late, guiding divisional and slanderous posts written through the UNA page. He has been working on a three part summary on the current Australian far right titled The Rise & Fall of the Patriot Movement. In this piece (of shit) Saleam has gone about plagiarising the research and work done by the admins of our page on the ONP, with particular reference to Malcolm Roberts. Saleam is evidently to lazy and intellectually dishonest to construct his own research let alone articulate modern day Australian fascism. Sadly enough in Jim’s case, he continues to suck up to the same European neo fascist political milieu online, despite the fact that these people would not accept Jim based on his own racial standards. On that note, Jim also took time to address the secretive annual Golden Dawn conference, where he was presented with a special award of friendship. What a lucky boy.

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On the 12th of Feb Jim was confronted by rival turf warriors in nappies PfF. Jim was spotted cowering behind his back door screeching in a shrill and erratic manner from behind his back door jam. This was one of the few PfF actions that actually achieved anything, proving Jim to be an unhinged coward to afraid to confront Nick Folkes of all people out the front of his own house/ party HQ. You must be a pretty sad cat to fear a visit from Party for Freedom members.

Over the last few years, Jim has felt emboldened enough to slither out of his dingy bunker in Tempe and surface at more public events. On the 6th of March Jim and his Nazi sidekick Nathan Sykes travelled down to Melbourne to support the feeble minded Chris Shortis who has recently joined the AFP after been manipulated by Jim to be used as a straw dog. Shortis is standing trial for charges relating to vandalism and inciting racial hatred. A camera shy Jim watched from a close distance as his foolish puppet embarrassed himself on national television with his pathologically repetitive recitations of Quran quotes.

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As Party for Freedom takes the wind from Jimbo’s sails, he remains resentful yet set on the old BNP tactic of contesting council elections. Jim’s political ambitions have carried him out to Cootamandra, vowing to fight the Chinese immigrants to yet another empty RSL room. As he is still unable to register his long suffering AFP, he stands to contest the October council by-election as an independent. Yet the latest in a long line of howls in the wilderness for Jim.