John Bolton

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An independent right wing politician and activist. Bolton, a former cop and self proclaimed independent conservative, threw his hat in the ring for the position of Mayor in his hometown Gawler in South Australia. His office is on 12 Union St in Adelaide. The old bugger was known for making weird folk ballads for his campaign.

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Bolton, following his failed electoral attempts, threw his energy into the leadership of the Reclaim Australia rallies in an effort to gain attention. He was the key speaker at the Adelaide rally where he preached the values of assimilation; saying that Islam was parasitic and is eroding Anglo Anglo Australian culture. Bolton is a xenophobic opportunist of the lowest rank.

Bolton was once again the star attraction of the second Reclaim Australia rally in the same location, where he proudly took to the stage and called for the persecution and deportation of all Muslims living in Australia. As a bonus he added that all Muslims should be forced to abandon their cultural and religious practice and assimilate into Australian culture.

(Heres the ever opportunistic Bolton speaking again at the Pegida rally  in Canberra)

Bolton has since thrown his lot in with the Australian Liberty Alliance, becoming the party’s leader and Senate candidate for South Australia. He addressed the party’s senate candidates at the party’s launch, telling them that Australian law must come first. Lol. Cuz of all that Sharia going down and all.

In the short time it took to recruit Bolton as the ALA’s man in South Australia, it seems it wasn’t meant to be. Due to an unfortunate change in circumstances, it looks as though Bolton was dropped from the team and is running as a Independent Senate candidate in Wakefield. He now conducts his limited and irrelevant political activity under the name Australian Law First.

Bolton talking at anti refugee rally in Eltham

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Bolton remains one of the figureheads of the ever shrinking Reclaim Australia rallies. Bolton travelled from Adelaide to speak in front of about 50 people, including bus ins from Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle at the Sydney RA rally on the 29th of January.

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