John Fisher

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A far right politician from Fremantle, WA. Fischer was a member of the far right One Nation Party, serving as their leader in Western Australia. He was elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council for Mining and Pastoral in 2001, where he advocated the shutting down of foreign owned corporations. He also served as the ONP vice president for a brief period in 2001.

Fischer was appointed ONP president in 2002, serving two years in this capacity. It was observed by Loonar Watch Monitor that in the time Fisher was president the ONWA page contained links to The Big Ears Report, a anti Semitic WordPress as well as White Extinction and the white supremacist American Free Press.

Following losing his position as an MP in 2005, Fischer moved from One Nation and took up associations with extreme right renegade Graeme Campbell, founder of the neo Nazi Australia First Party. He also endorsed Christian fundamentalist Family First party in 2008.