John Pasquarelli

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A far right politician from Queensland. Pasquarelli served as a member in the House of Assembly in Papua New Guinea during the 60s. It was reported by those close to him that during his period in office he harboured deeply racist views regarding the PNG people.

From The Amazing Man Behind Pauline Hanson in reference to the peoples of Papua New Guinea:

“We have examples in Africa and other countries of the world where different classes of people were not united when independence came to them and we have all read and heard about what has happened in many of these instances – rape, plunder, riots and murder, as well as mockery of the judiciary and other institutions.”

Pasquarelli was formally associated with the Labor Party before being kicked out for alleging several branches had been infiltrated by communists. He was also known for his associations with far right ex Labor personalities B.A Santamaria and Graeme Campbell. He was a prominent member of the One Nation Party. He acted as a close advisor to party leader Pauline Hanson, writing her infamous maiden speech attacking immigration and multiculturalism.

Pasquarelli became something of a mystical figure in the party, often being referred to as the power behind Hanson, acting as her mentor. He was known for his vocal opposition to immigration and multiculturalism, which he would refer to as peril. Following the collapse of the ONP he became a self proclaimed political commentator, calling for conservatives to oppose immigration.

In 2011 he helped produce a statutory declaration of a former union official that pointed to alleged corruption in the Gillard government which was distributed through right wing shock jock Michael Smith. He has since relinked with Pauline, re-joining the ONP as one of Pauline’s advisors.