Joseph Zammit

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A far right moron from Canberra. Zammit is a nobody basically. He is a close friend and associate of Reclaim Australia Canberra organiser Dan Evans. He aided Evans and a small group of his supporters in organising the Canberra RA rallies as well as the PEGIDA rally that took place in February 2016.

After what seems like not much consideration at all, dopey Evans gave Zammit control over his Stand Up for Australia Sydney page. With this, Zammit set about to join the long list of self promoting video bigots that claim to represent the patriot movement. The only problem was that nobody noticed except us. In these videos, Zammit talks about all kinds of useful things ranging from how to put up an indestructible flag pole in your back yard to Aussie Aussie Aussie, oink, oink, oink. Mostly just his wacky unimportant political views which are based on conspiracy shit he found on the net. Id give this one about a 2/10 personally.