Julian De Ross

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Julian De Ross is a far right activist from Monbulk, Melbourne. He was involved in the online shamble that was the Australian Defence League, claiming to be its official spokesperson. De Ross played a significant role in maintaining this loosely affiliated network following the ADL’s collapse. He also ran as an independent in the 2014 Victorian elections for the seat of Monbulk, with little success.

Following the emergence of the Reclaim Australia movement, De Ross was quick to assert himself online through several fake profiles to fit his various alter egos. Names such as  John Sobieski, Koala732, Hugh Martel, Hugh Pearson and The Great Aussie Patriarch, amongst others, have been used by De Ross to post far right anti Islamic material online.

The old mans views can be categorised as odd to put it lightly. De Ross, who studied at the Melbourne Bible Institute, is a self professed Christian missionary and has acted as a mentor to several extremist Christian street preacher type groups, where he made contact with Rise Up Australia, prior to his involvement with the UPF. He is also an advocate of old right reactionary views remnant of groups like the League of Rights. Essentially he figures himself grasshopper but in reality he’s a shit talker, embellisher, troll and general muppet.

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(Julian De Ross shaking hands with Cottrell at UPF Richmond rally)

De Ross has played a visually distant and peripheral role in the organising of the Reclaim movement and the anti Islam scene in general. He fancies himself as a background ideologue and respected intellectual, which is quite reflective of the mental capacity of the movement in general. He has taken a specific interest in the activity of UPF fuhrer Blair Cottrell, who he envisions as his son and protégé. Lol, creepy.

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(De Rossi with UPF leadership)

It seems the old fella has some uses after all, being wheeled in on cue to speak at rallies on behalf of the UPF when Blair & Sewell couldn’t be fucked. In the case of the latest anti refugee rally in the Melbourne suburb of Eltham, he was convenient in the sense that Blair wished not to be officially associated with the clownish facade that is Party for Freedom, the organisers of the event. As it turns out they may have been more embarrassed about this senile old fool who gave a speech involving a white flag, a puppet, a rubber snake, a bucket of dirty water and a pretend phone call. WTF you say? i think that was the basic feeling, especially within their crowd.