Kane Miller

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Kane P Miller is a far right activist from Melton, Melbourne. Miller is a plasterer who has claimed to be involved in the patriot movement since its conception following the birth of the short lived Reclaim Australia movement within Victoria.

Miller was the founder/ central figure behind a small collection of devout RA/ UPF supporters active around the Melton area, which would come to be known as the True Blue Crew. The TBC were active in doing banner drops and other forms of activity to help promote RA & UPF rallies.

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Miller having a cry after being smashed by anti fascists in Coburg

 The TBC have since grown to become the most prominent group in Melbourne’s shrinking far right circles, overtaking the UPF in momentum. Miller played a crucial role in organising several of these rallies, most notably the 3rd Reclaim Australia rally in Melton, in which the TBC began their violent posturing at rallies.

Miller is somewhat different to the other far right leaders, in the scene that he is not as ideologically driven as others, which has credited him with a kind of working class true blue Aussie appeal. He is also more camera shy than the other would be webcam YouTube celebrities, putting more emphasis on selling hoodies and baseball caps. Smart.

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The Melton based king of the methheads has been exposed as true weak piece of shit that he is. His former partner and leading TBC member Senga came out against her former man declaring him a serial woman basher with a serious meth addiction before setting a bunch of TBC merch and a banner up in flames. Although this information comes as little surprise and more or less confirmed our suspicions, his actions demonstrate the principals at the very core of his group, his movement and himself. There are few lower than this dog.