Kim Vuga

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Vuga is an outspoken anti immigration activist from Townsville. Vuga is a staunch xenophobe who is hateful of all people that are not white, plain and simple. She is an independent activist who operates a Facebook page entitled Stop The Boats, which expresses support for the Abbott governments Operation Sovereign Borders.

Vuga gained infamy after she starred in the third series of the SBS miniseries Go Back To Where You Came From, where she made a character of herself as the most unrepentant hater of “boat people”. Vuga addressed the Reclaim Australia rally in Townsville, and has since been a presence at various patriot events across the country.

Vuga appears to be connected to Nick Folkes and his Party for Freedom. Whilst in Sydney visiting her mates she dropped in for a BBQ in her honour hosted by PfF as well as throwing her support behind the Protect Penrith Action Group, a small group of “concerned citizens against the mosque” headed by Liberal politician Marcus Cornish.

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 (Cornish, Kim and the Spartans)

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(Vuga and Nick the div pretending to care about the homeless)

Vuga has become quite the activist since her 15 minutes of fame. She has been approached by several anti Islam groups including Reclaim Australia, Party for Freedom and now the United Patriots Front. The latter of which recruited her to speak to their supporters in opposition to the erection of the Bendigo mosque on the 29th of August. She is quite enjoying her patriot diva status, seeing as she is one of the only women in the movement.

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(Vuga addressing UPF rally in Bendigo)

Vuga’s small amount of infamy has inflamed her ego, leading her to found a political party called Love Australia or Leave,  which she intends to run in the Senate. Wow. This idiot has even gone so far as to draft up various policy that differ virtually in no way to any other policies already devised by the far right party in Australia, though her key policy relates to ending gun laws and restriction. In funnier news, her son Jaimie Madden fired an illegally possessed gun into a car and was arrested on six different weapons related charges. Some five star parenting there.

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Vuga addressing pro Cronulla riot rally

Since then, skeletor has remained active, addressing the PfF 10th  Cronulla Riot anniversary event on 10/10/15 as well as the PEGIDA rally in Canberra on the 6th of Feb. Vuga and her intolerable nasally accent has been mooching around the country, predominantly the deep North (Queensland), more specifically Hervey Bay in attempts to launch her Love it or Leave party. She also made a trip West to Perth where her meeting was hosted by the United Patriots Front. During her trip to Hervey Bay, Vuga and her supporters were banned from the Beach House Hotel. Lol

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(Vuga with UPF Perth)

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(Vuga with Aaron from Shooting Stuff Australia lol)

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(Vuga with Hervey Bay supporters)

Following her failure to register her Love it or Leave party for the 2016 elections she has no other option than to go it alone. Despite her ‘holidays’ networking across Australia it seems she wasn’t so successful this year, go figure.

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Vuga at Melton TBC rally

Kimmy, darling of the patriot movement, was court slumming it at an event organised by the neo Nazi Australia First Party on Dec 17. Vuga spoke on her experiences in Syria through the SBS Go Back to Where you Came From program to a tiny crowd of assorted nutters associated with the AFP milieu. I wonder what her admirer Nick Folkes will say about that.

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Vuga addressing AFP forum

Wicked witch of the deep North is still a leech on a dead horse, being her stillborn Love it or Leave party. She has jumped on the old TV several times in 2017 to announce her intention to rival her former hero Pauline Hanson, who she claims has sold out. She has also expressed the need for an investigation into the Port Arthur massacre, which she believes to have been a government engineered plot to disarm Australians. Wow, she went full psycho there.