Kirralie Smith

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Smith is a Sydney based anti Islamic activist & politician. She entered into political activism being aligned with the Christian Democrats. She went on to found her own website Halal Choices, which acts as a kind of watchdog group for Halal products in Australia, claiming to be providing your average consumer with information on Halal products. Some of Smith’s reasons include opposition to the so-called Muslim tax and Halal funding terrorism. Yawn.

Smith was involved in a bizarre weight loss program claiming that Halal was indeed bad for your health and fattening. She has also been attached to campaigns where businesses with Halal certification are being bullied and harassed into dropping their certification and so called appeasement to Islam. So in reality, Smith isn’t concerned about violent jihad, she fears Islam is going to flood and dominate Australia via your grocery shopping. Lol.

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(ALA defensive line Bernard Gaynor, Debbie Robinson and Smith)

Smith is a member of the shadowy anti Muslim advocacy group the Q Society and has since joined their political front the Australian Liberty Alliance and will stand as their Senate candidate for NSW.

Kirralie and a handful of her associates from the Q Society are currently engaged in a defamation suit for her ongoing anti Halal campaigning, slandering companies for funding terrorism and an array of other charges. She has called upon several of her mates in the Liberal Party to help organise several fundraiser events across the country in 2017.