Klub Naziya/ Klub Nation

A small neo Nazi group based in Sydney that was founded in 2003. The group was formed and led by a shady figure’s called Jason Raftey & Mark Pavic. Also involved in the leadership of this group was David Palmer. The group was known to have attempted to create its own form of currency…

This group gained attention when it was using a cover name called the Public Information Forum to infiltrate the management of the Humanist Society of NSW in order to gain control over their financial assets. The group, which was loosely moulded around smaller groups such as the British Israelite World Church, Fellowship of the Round Table and members of the Liberal Party’s far right faction the Uglies.

Members of the Public Information Forum would meet up for regular meetings at the Humanist house located in Chippendale. One of their meetings was stormed in 2010 by anti fascist activists, sending them running into traffic and into oblivion, resulting in the groups collapse.

Prominent Figures

David Palmer

Peter Coleman

Ken Cratchley

Andrew Wilson

David McBryde

Morgan Qasabian 

Michael Holt