Kriso Richardson

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Kriso is a leading figure in the United Patriots Front. Growing up in South West Sydney, he participated in the Cronulla riots, which he thought was great. He is a self described “nationalist” and seems to be a close to the networks of the Australia First Party.

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(Kriso at UPF Richmond rally)

Kriso founded his own online far right group the United Australia Front in 2014, which was active in promoting RA rallies. Kriso and some bonehead looking mates from UAF were present at the first UPF rally in Richmond where he was seen breaking through police lines to have a clash with the lefties, yeeeeaaaaaah.

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 Due to his so-called devotion and staunchness (but really just hanging around long enough) the UPF have since welcomed him into their leadership circle. He played a significant role in setting up UPF rallies and was involved in the the actual coordination of their events. He was exposed online for being a fanatical fan of Swedish neo Nazi musician Saga.

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(Also, this bloke gets around making UPF videos in CFMEU colours?)

Kriso and two other UPF goons were awarded with one of Blair’s little dog collars. The proudest moment in his life I’m sure. He was also named on Fortitude, their VERY professionally made website, that he holds the title Prime Organiser & Head of Operations for the UPF. In other words, the guy that plugs up their amps. Oh, nice photo there Kriso.

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In sadder news, old Kriso has turned out to be the latest in the UPF leadership to throw in their towel and left the group. Not many left now.

Kriso seems to have come out of early retirement and reengaged in UPF organising. I guess he and other clowns like Linden and Farma John couldn’t handle not being active Nazis anymore. No dramas, seems the UPF will take on anyone they can get, even deserters and traitors.