Larry Pickering

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An Australian far right cartoonist from the Gold Coast. He has been famous throughout his career as a political cartoonist in several newspapers. Pickering is known less however for his right wing conservative political views, which are evident in his work. He was known specifically for having a grudge against former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

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Pickering’s work can be described as vulgar, inappropriate and deliberately provocative, often depicting people in vile sexual acts and positions for the purpose of his own right wing political views. The nature of his work has earned him criticism, people accurately categorising him as a misogynist, homophobe, racist and Islamophobe. He has been active in opposing the development of Mosques around the Gold Coast.

Examples of Pickering’s garbage, the top being his response to the racist caricature of Aboriginal people by Bill Leak in attempt to rub salt in the wound.

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Pickering has been involved in the organising of the Reclaim Australia movement. He shared a platform with prominent far right activist Bernard Gaynor at both rallies that took place in the Gold Coast. Below is a video of the old fart rambling at the last Reclaim, note that he is struggling on the word racist, which he seems to think is “rachist”.

When not perving on teenagers or publishing vile bigoted rubbish on Pickering Post, he is engaging in fraudulent criminal activities, ripping off 15 million dollars in an attempted online betting scam. See below:

Pickering is currently rotting away with lung cancer and what a legacy he has left behind. We at AFAS await his death (any day now) with anticipation and jubilation.

Get dead soon bud xox

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Despite his supposed crippling medical condition, Pickering has shaken off his monitors and drips for some more bigoted shenanigans. The withering old scumbag was a guest speaker at the Sydney Q Society fundraiser in early February for their legal defence against their defamatory claims against Halal certification companies. His speech was the most appalling by a nose, which really says a lot in a room full of suited Nazis and Tory hacks, letting rip at muslims and queers. It was one of those “I’m going to be as vitriolic and offensive as i want cause il be dead soon” cases. In his own words “I can’t stand Muslims” “If they (Muslims) are in the same street as me, i start shaking” and “they (Muslims) aren’t all bad, they do chuck pillow biters (queers) off buildings”.