Linden Watson

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Linden is a mindless boofhead who became involved in the far right through his mate Neil Erikson. Linden and Neil turned out to the first Reclaim rally in Melbourne where he acted as Neil’s minder. He has attended all of the rallies since, acting as one of the UPF‘s most treasured mascots, telling the lefties to “PISS OFF”.

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(Linden and Neil)

Linden was one of the creepy dudes that fell for the not so elaborate hoax of Skylah, a fake profile. Linden was exposed on the former wordpress Skylah Speaks for sexually pursuing what he believed to have been a young UPF supporter online. He didn’t go too far into predator territory  however as he was  “a little too nervous” to send “Skylah” a picture of his little “patriot”; he sent a picture of his armpit instead.

He has since been churned out of the patriot movement on account of him giving information to anti Reclaim Facebook personality Josh Chamberlain (The Real Great Aussie Patriot). He justified this by saying he was sick and tired of being made fun of. Lol!

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(Piss off Linden)

It seems on account of the UPF’s rapid decline in support, the membership policy is more relaxed, relaxed enough for dudes who grass them up to their enemies. Linden was seen on a few occasions lingering at the back of patriot rallies including Bendigo 12/10/15 and  Coburg 25/6/16. Guess he got bored of staring at his wall at home.