Liz Carlsen

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Liz Carlsen is a prominent far right activist based in Toowoomba, Queensland. A so-called retired Catholic school teacher, Liz became involved in the organisation of Reclaim Australia rallies, being one of the prime organisers for the Toowoomba rally. She travelled down to the Melbourne RA rally on July 18, where she and Shermon Burgess “beat the shit” out of a woman from AnTEEfaar that was allegedly trying to attack their precious patriot bus.

Liz went on to join the United Patriots Front, being appointed to a leading role within Toowoomba. Liz is the UPF’s most senior organiser in Queensland alongside Scotty to potty and neo Nazi Jim Perren. Liz organised the UPF- Fortitude party launch in Toowoomba. It was leaked that she was considering dropping out of the UPF on account of harassment by deranged white supremacist Dennis Huts.