Liza Cross

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A far right anti Islam activist from Lithgow, NSW. Cross is a vitriolic woman with an intense hatred for leftists and Muslims. She is closely associated with the Sydney based Party for Freedom, travelling to Cronulla in December of 2015 to attend a rally celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Cronulla Riots.

This poisonous insect appears to be the key functionary in the anti Islam scene within Lithgow. In late Febuary of 2016 she travelled an hour and a half to Orange for the attempted launch of the UPF’s party Fortitude. What an awful failure that turned out to be, but at least she got a few happy snaps with the boys.

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(Liza with Blair Cottrell & Ralph Cerminara)

Liza has relinked with Nick Folkes & the PfF who she has called upon for support in organising an anti Mosque rally in Lithgow for late July 2017. Leading up to her big day in Lithgow, Liza attended and spoke at two PfF rallies in Sydney including a redundant Penrith rally in May against an already refused Islamic school and an “anti antifa” rally in Newtown (1/7/17).

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(Liza at Penrith)