Malcolm Roberts

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Malcolm Roberts is a far right politician from Queensland. Prior to his involvement in politics, he worked as a coalface miner. Roberts has a very interesting past on the fringes of Australia’s far right. Roberts is the Project Manager (leader) of the ultra conservative organisation the Galileo Movement, a climate sceptic lobbyist group that’s primary objective is to oppose any form of carbon pricing and taxes, operating under the slogan ”Axe the Tax”.

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The Galileo Movement, founded by fellow right wing turd Alan Jones in 2011, is a front group for major coal and mining companies, its main benefactor being Hancock Ltd Gina Rinehart. Roberts denounces global warming and climate change as conspiracies and refers to anyone supportive of them “climate police”. Roberts was instrumental in organising an Australian climate sceptic conference in 2011 in which the fake lord and founding member of UKIP Christopher Monkton spoke, funded directly from Rinehart’s pocket.

The Galileo Movement was a core body of what made up the Australian Tea Party movement, organised by David Goodridge. Although lacking popular momentum, this network forms the basis of Australia’s independent grassroots conservatives. Roberts spoke at several Tea Party organised rallies in 2011 including a protest outside parliament against the arrival of Barack Obama (November 19th) and a rally in Logan, QLD which was against against carbon tax and illegal immigration (July 14th). This event was organised alongside far right organisations Australian Defence League and Australian Patriots Defence Movement. He also identifies closely with the American far right anti tax Sovereign Citizen movement. 

So what if the guy brushes shoulders with a couple of patriots, big deal right? That doesn’t make him a racist. Maybe not. Aside from espousing the revisionist anti carbon rhetoric of CSG bosses, Mr Roberts has some very interesting views on economics that stretches a little beyond his involvement in the anti-science scene. In an interview in 2012 given with Herald journo Ben Cubby, Roberts claimed climate change to be a scam engineered by cabals of international bankers who control the world’s economies.

(Quotes courtesy of Watching the Deniers)

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Roberts goes further in his work Why? Motives Driving the Climatefraud where he suggests a link between international bankers and institutions such as the UN and the CSIRO. Even COMMUNISM! All the while making specific reference to Jewish banking families. Here we go. His work cites the notorious The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins & Gary Allen, often considered one of the most anti Semitic works ever made. Alarm bells should have started ringing by now.

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His views were naturally considered so extreme that fellow Galilean and sensationalist Andrew Bolt split from the group in an effort to distance himself from Roberts, going as far as to deny he ever belonged to the group. Lol. Now, Roberts has put his lot in with One Nation, becoming Pauline Hanson’s expert on climate change. WTF! He doesn’t even think it exists!

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Roberts has since become a prominent member of One Nation, being selected as her number two for the Queensland senate in the 2016 federal election. Roberts is behind the party policy on climate change, which bears a remarkable resemblance to that of the Galileo Movements. He and three other ONP candidates were elected. 

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Hanson rolling her eyes at Roberts during maiden speech

Since his election to the senate, Roberts has quickly gone on to make a complete dill of himself in parliament, becoming the but of almost every joke in Canberra. This was achieved through his bazaar rants, calling for a grand inquiry into climate change, opposing vaccinations for children on the basis of it being a UN conspiracy and siding with the Liberals to push cuts on welfare, education, penalty rates and workers rights.

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Roberts unfurls American far right Gadsden flag at parliament following election of Donald Trump