Marcus Cornish

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A Liberal councillor within Penrith, Sydney. Cornish teamed up with Australia First councillor Maurice Girotto in opposing the development of the Penrith Islamic community centre in Kemps Creek. This resulted in a series of heated protests among locals, anti racists and other far right elements looking to exploit the debate.

He is a key figure in the Protect Penrith Action Group, which he fronts as their political leader/ beacon of hope in stopping racial and cultural diversity in Penrith. Cornish was seen on the first afternoon of the Penrith protests mingling with patriots who wore RA Infidel attire, then dropping past the anti-racist camp to call everyone “fucking idiots”. Such was his tuff guy act that he physically intimidated a young woman.

Cornish has close ties to the far right groups that organised around the anti Mosque campaigns in Penrith. This includes fellow councillor and ally Maurice Girotto from Australia First Party and the Party for Freedom, with one of their leading members George Jameson campaigning for him. He has since split from the Liberals, running as an independent conservative candidate in the 2016 federal election in the seat of Lindsay.

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(Cornish with Pauline Hanson & Kim Vuga)