Mark Hootsen

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Mark Hootsen is a neo Nazi activist from Melbourne. Hootsen is highly active online, being a former moderator or Stormfront Downunder. He is closely associated with the Australia First Party and other neo Nazi groups. Hootsen is the founder and leader of the Nationalist Alternative, a small third position/ neo fascist group of autonomous nationalist posers.

He and his group attended the Reclaim Australia rallies since its conception. It was later exposed that NA had pursued an obvious recruitment strategy out of the RA movement, distributing propaganda. Hootsen and several others were behind a plot to infiltrate and control the RA movement and later the UPF, funding them and aiding them behind the scenes.

Hootsen at Reclaim rally

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Hootsen is one of the most active online neo Nazis from Victoria. His propaganda has targeted Jews, Muslims, immigrants, blacks, homosexuals and even women.

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(Example of their propaganda)

(Hootsen trying to play footy, lol)